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[001] 心臓のポンプ機能 heartbeat pumping

[002] 基礎医学教育研究会サイト KIKKENlab 開設

[003] 腹式呼吸 diaphragmatic breathing

[004] 陽イオンと陰イオン(1)引力と反発力

[005] 蠕動運動 peristalsis

[006] 浸透圧 osmotic pressure

[007] ブドウ糖と、ショ糖の加水分解 glucose and the hydrolysis of sucrose

[008] 弁の働き valve in the thin-walled vessel

[009] 筋収縮のストローク stroke of the muscular contraction

[010] 肺胞換気量と死腔 alveolar ventilation and dead space

[011] 体内の酸性・アルカリ性と炭酸ガス body acid-base reaction and carbon dioxide gas

[012] 分節運動 intestinal segmentation

[013] 細胞膜の脂質二重層 lipid bilayer of the cell membrane

[014] 眼の遠近調節 accommodation of the eye

[015] 胸式呼吸 costal breathing

[016] 血液循環 blood circulation

[017] 糖質の吸収 absorption of carbohydrate

[018] きっけんラボへようこそ。New Year special issue 2013

[019] アデノシン3リン酸(ATP) adenosine triphosphate

[020] 対光反射 pupillary light reflex

[021] 活動電位 action potential

[022] 胃と十二指腸 the stomach and the duodenum

[023] 赤血球とヘモグロビン erythrocyte and hemoglobin

[024] 電位依存性ナトリウムチャネル voltage-dependent sodium channel

◆l[025] 血管運動 vasomotor

[026] ミオシンとアクチンの相互作用 interaction of myosin and actin

[027] ペプチド結合 peptide bond

[028] 静止膜電位 resting membrane potential

[029] ヘモグロビンの酸素解離曲線 oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve

[030] エンドサイトーシスと細胞内消化 endocytosis and intracellular digestion

[031] 興奮伝導 conduction of excitation

[032] グリコーゲンの合成 glycogen synthesis

[033] 平滑筋の収縮 smooth muscle contraction

[034] 精子形成 spermatogenesis

[035] 骨格筋収縮の張力 tension of the skeletal muscle contraction

[036] リガンド依存性イオンチャネル ligand-gated ion channel

[037] 膠質浸透圧 colloid osmotic pressure

[038] 深部体温の恒常性 homeostasis of the core body temperature

[039] 卵巣周期 ovarian cycle

[040] 神経信号の伝達 neural signal transmission

[041] 心筋線維 myocardial fibers

[042] TCA回路 TCA cycle

[043] 糸球体のろ過 glomerular filtration

[044] 伸張反射 stretch reflex

[045] 皮膚の動静脈吻合 arteriovenous anastomoses in skin

[046] 消化と代謝 digestion and metabolism

[047] 解糖系 glycolysis

[048] 表皮細胞の入れ替わり epidermal cell turnover

[049] 随意運動の神経回路 a neural circuit of voluntary movement

[050] 細胞呼吸 cellular respiration

[051] 心臓のポンプ機能2 heartbeat pumping 2

[053] アセチルコリン受容体 acetylcholine receptors

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